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A recent report in Forbes claims that “millennials report suffering more than previous generations, and it’s impacting their abilities to lead and succeed in the workplace.” This report also tells us that depression is a major cause in people being absent from their jobs, and “absenteeism alone causes 23 billion dollars in lost productivity each year.”

Forbes also writes that “when millennials are entrepreneurs or in positions of leadership, the stakes are higher. The pressures of leadership can exacerbate the symptoms of depression. When leaders cannot effectively guide their teams, the consequences can be significant.” (Another problem that has plagued millennials is major student debts from college.)

So what does Forbes recommend? One step can be incorporating policies on absenteeism that could provide mental health care. A lot of companies will support you if you’re physically injured, but there isn’t a support system for mental health problems. They also recommend teaching mindfulness on the job. 

As once source told Forbes, “Company leaders must encourage self-care. They should also be vigilant when it comes to ensuring that employees do not overwork themselves…It’s important not to shame those who set healthy workplace boundaries in order to prioritize their own well being.”


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