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Forward Recovery Programs
Forward Recovery Programs

Substance Abuse And Mental Health Programs in Los Angeles, California

At Forward Recovery, we provide everything you need to face your mental health issues and permanently end addiction. Even if this isn't your first time in treatment, we'll help you break the cycle. We offer sound therapeutic methods to treat opioid addiction, alcohol abuse or any other substance as well as mental health issues. Our substance abuse and mental health programs are evidence-based and effective—and compassionate.

We know you didn’t choose your addiction, it chose you. Mental Health issues are not a choice either. We’ll help you to find and address the underlying causes of your substance abuse, work through past trauma, learn healthy ways of thinking and behaving and develop tools to successfully handle triggers and cope with cravings and challenges.

Filling in missing life skills is also a big part of what we do here. We can assist you to enroll in college, complete vocational training, find employment or learn how to use a budget. If legal problems are following you from your days of active addiction, we can help you find an attorney and navigate the court process. Whatever skills you’re missing, we can help.


Forward Recovery’s Full Continuum of Care

Residential Treatment

Live on property in a supported, trigger-free environment. The expert staff of Forward Recovery’s residential substance abuse programs offer 24/7 support and will walk you through intensive therapy while listening with open hearts.


Intensive Outpatient

For clients who need intensive therapy but not full-time support, we offer our intensive outpatient program. This level of care provides intensive therapy while allowing you the freedom to attend work or school while staying in one of our luxurious sober living homes.


Outpatient Program

Similar to IOP, our outpatient program offers therapy on a flexible schedule and encourages increasing independence as you learn to successfully handle triggers, cope with cravings and live a life you love in recovery.


Aftercare Treatment

Recovery doesn’t end once you’ve graduated from treatment. We offer ongoing support, and we’re always here when you need us. Once you’ve been to Forward Recovery you’re family, and we love our family members.


Treatment Methods

Our rigorous and effective Substance Abuse Programs include talk therapy, group interactions and the latest treatment methods that science has to offer.

  • Group Therapy – learn from the struggles and successes of your housemates.
  • Individual Therapy – delve deep in one-on-one sessions with your therapist and develop customized skills to reinforce your recovery.
  • Neurofeedback – a useful sort of brain hack to help give you complete control over your body, even in stressful situations.
  • Life Skills – fill in the experience and knowledge gaps that addiction left in your life.
  • EMDR – this scientifically proven eye movement therapy targets painful memories and tricks your brain into letting them go.

Complementary Therapies

Our Holistic Substance Abuse Programs include complementary therapies designed to improve your overall wellness and physical health.

  • Exercise – get in shape on the outside as well as the inside
  • Mindfulness – learn to be fully present and to live and act with intention.
  • Yoga – strengthen the connection between your body and mind with controlled movements and relaxing breathing techniques.
  • Reiki – this therapy uses touch to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities and calm the mind.
  • Meditation – find mental clarity by acknowledging the thoughts racing through your mind, accepting them and letting them go.
  • Acupuncture – this ancient practice decreases opioid withdrawal symptoms and strengthens internal organs damaged by substance abuse.
  • Breath Work – use breathing patterns to calm the mind and connect with suppressed emotions and memories.
  • Step Fit – Combines fitness and the 12 Steps for whole-body healing