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Heal Yourself in Our Center for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Staying at Forward Recovery is anything but boring. Our location in an upscale neighbourhood on the west side of Los Angeles gives you the best of both worlds—easy access to entertainment, arts and eateries but removed from the commotion of the city. Go have fun shopping or catch a show, and then come home to a place of peace and safety and refocus your mind on your recovery.

Residential Detox Programs that Provide Freedom with Flexibility

At our Substance Abuse Treatment facility, we believe in structure but not micromanagement. We don’t tolerate any substance use, we require our guests to treat each other with respect and honor each other’s journeys and we expect each person to genuinely strive for recovery. We also allow you time to do your thing—staying at our Substance Abuse Treatment facility isn’t all hard work, and finding happiness and fulfilment is the key to lasting recovery.

Our Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities