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Why do people start taking alcohol and drugs?

The first moment of taking drugs is a voluntary decision a person makes. From that moment, it continues to happen regularly, while physical and psychological demands for using drugs develop. But why do people start taking drugs in the first place? It does not just happen, does it? There have to be some reasons why:    Because of curiosity and because “others are doing it”.  Teens and adults experience intense peer pressure and influence. When a young person sees that his friends are using drugs and it seems like fun, he may get curious about it. He may wish to try and see what everyone is talking about.   To feel pleasure. The most important reason for taking drugs is that they produce the intense feelings of pleasure. Many people use drugs to relieve the pressures and problems in their lives temporarily. Marijuana, alcohol, opiates seem to take away these problems.  To feel better. People who suffer from stress and depression begin taking drugs to lessen feelings of distress. Stress can play a significant role in beginning and continuing drug use. Sometimes, people feel it’s their only way out of a situation or a depression they are having.    To have fun. When a person does not have interests in life, smoking pot and drinking with friends can seem more entertaining than sitting around and doing nothing. In other words, it is more an escape from boredom but if in the process drug use becomes consistent having fun can turn into addiction in no time.  To fit in. Some people lack social skills and do not feel comfortable in groups of new people. They don’t know how to make new friends. They reach out for alcohol or drugs to loosen up and fit in more easily.   No single factor determines whether a person will start consuming drugs or not. However, in general, there are several risk factors to consider. These factors can be environmental (conditions at home, school, in the neighborhood) and biological (genetics). Influence of the home environment, especially during childhood, is a critical factor. Parents who abuse drugs or alcohol can significantly increase children’s risks of developing their drug issues. Drug-using peers can tempt their friends or acquaintances to try drugs for the first time.   Even though drugs seem to offer solutions to all problems, in reality, drug use damages a person’s health, relationships, and social status. In extreme cases, the consequences can even be lethal.      You can read more on:   

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