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There are many ways to tackle addiction, and one technique that can be used against it is acupuncture. In fact, one doctor in Ohio has been using acupuncture as a way to help people suffering from addiction, and apparently, there have been good results that can hopefully go a long way to help people achieve sobriety.  A recovery center in Ohio has recruited Dr. Jimmy Laux to perform acupuncture on people who have substance abuse disorder, and as he explains to the Circleville Herald, “The acupuncture needles stimulate areas of the ear and they calm folks down.”   Dr. Laux was hired for the Community Alternatives to Prison Grant, a program that tries to keep people suffering from addiction out of jail. Part of this program against includes acupuncture sessions for people who wish to try it, and as Dr. Laux continues, “It’s a non-verbal stimulus and it catches people wherever they are in the program, whether they’re in acute phase or if they’ve been in for a few weeks. It stops them from thinking about their past injuries and it also stops them from where they’re going to get their next fix. It centers them and gives them consciousness of where they’re supposed to be.” One patient who received acupuncture treatment told the Herald, “I’m way more mellow and more relaxed. Things that would normally get to me don’t bother me. I’m just like, eh, whatever.” One patient who is doing everything she can to stay sober, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy and attending six meetings a week, has also felt great benefits from getting acupuncture as well.  “When you’re first getting clean and sober, you feel anxious all the time and nervous and in a rush,” she explained. “It’s like you’re in a rush to do nothing. The acupuncture just really helps me to calm down and take a deep breath.” This patient adds she’s “not feeling like I’m thinking about everything I have to do and what’s going on tomorrow and how I could mess things up. I can just focus on right now.”   Not only are people in recovery enjoying their acupuncture sessions, but Dr. Laux also enjoys helping people in recovery as well. “You hear these folks’ stories and where they’re coming from. I’ve really grown to love the mission of this treatment.”

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