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Tattoos That Help With Anxiety?

AA has a lot of slogans, known as “truisms,” that are good to remember when you’re in recovery. It’s always good to have slogans and reminders whenever you’re struggling with either an addiction or your mental health. Now The Mighty has taken a look at a number of people who have tattooed their favorite slogans about anxiety on their bodies, and how it helps them stay calm.   People Share Tattoos That Help Their Mental Health   The Mighty reached out to people via the web to share tattoos that reflect their mental health struggles. One girl with green hair had the words “insecurity’s an evil thing” tattooed on her arm, and it’s a lyric from a song called Everything That Means Nothing. The tattoo is a reminder “to try not to listen to any of my insecurities,” the girl says.   Another woman named Charlotte got a cartoon version of Princess Leia tattooed on their back. Leia is staring down the Death Star with R2-D2 at her side, and Charlotte got her tattoo after Carrie Fisher died.   Fisher had a life-long struggle with mental health and addiction, and Charlotte explains, “Every time I turn around I see this tattoo, and it makes me feel safe and happy…I think everyone deserves to have their own hero. She helped to show the world that depression and anxiety do not define who you are.”   Just Breathe…   Another woman got a tattoo reminder her to “just breathe.” It’s a slogan you hear a lot from people dealing with anxiety, and it’s good to keep this in mind when you start to panic. Another person got a symbol of a semicolon tattooed on her arm. “I got it to remind myself my story will never be over. There have been times I’ve almost given up on life, but I’ve calmed myself down and took the necessary steps to get the help I needed.”   Another tattoo has a flying goose with another simple saying: I’m Okay. And yet another has an important thing to remember when you suffer from anxiety: Be Here Now. “I got this because my anxiety often causes me to worry too much about the future and the ‘what-ifs.’ This is a reminder to keep myself in the present moment and stay grounded. After all, you can only control what’s happening in the now.”   Just Keep Swimming…   One reader shared a tattoo of Dori from Finding Nemo, whose saying is, “Just keep swimming.” This person earned the nickname Dori after going through a terrible bout of anxiety and PTSD, and Dori is obviously a reminder to keep moving no matter what. “Every time things would get bleak, my kids would say, “Dory would keep swimming, Mom!’”   Another reader has the words AWAKE tattooed on one arm, ALIVE on the other. “This reminds me of everything I need to know. I also have the words ‘I AM’ on my inner right forearm, to easily turn over to AWAKE, with ALIVE being on the opposite arm.”   Lastly, another important reminder for many struggling with anxiety is tattooed on another reader’s arm: This Too Will Pass. The person with this tattoo says, “There is still a daily struggle, but it has really worked miracles. It’s like having a voice whisper to you that it’s going to be OK, only the voice is there on [my] skin. Keep fighting the good fight everybody, it does get better.”

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