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A lot of times a mental health disorder isn’t easy to diagnose. How many times have you been to a mechanic thinking your car problem is one thing, then you realize it was something else entirely? You may have also had a sickness or disorder that it took several doctors to pinpoint before you finally found out what was wrong and got it fixed. This can often happen with your mental health. You may think you’re just being irritable or a perfectionist, but you could actually be suffering from anxiety. Now Bustle reports that you could have symptoms of anxiety without realizing it, so here are some things you should try to look out for… Anxiety Symptoms to Watch Out For The first symptom on the list is perfectionism. As this article explains, “If you have considered yourself a perfectionist but are motivated by stress or fear, you might have an anxiety disorder.” Sure, we can all be motivated by fear, like the fear of not making enough money to survive. But as one counselor explains, “You might describe yourself as a perfectionist, but it’s possible your anxiety is telling you that unless you’re doing things perfectly you will be judged by others, seen as unworthy or you’ll be showing the world how imperfect you are.” This can turn into a vicious cycle where you let fear dominate your life. You’re afraid of being judged, you’re afraid of being punished for making mistakes, you’re afraid of failing. If you say yes to all of this, it’s probably anxiety. This all goes hand in hand with the next symptom Bustle lists, being shy or introverted. Don’t forget, there’s also social anxiety, and this holds people back as well. There’s nothing wrong with being shy or introverted, but again, it could be a symptom of anxiety, especially when you avoid social situations out of fear. Is This Anxiety or Something Else? Another symptom to look out for is what can often be called “flakiness.” If you have a hard time following through on plans, if you’re often late to things, it could be a symptom that you have anxiety. You may not be following through on things because of fear, and when the time comes that you need to be at work, or you need to be at an important appointment, the level of fear can often be terrifying. This goes hand in hand with another anxiety symptom, procrastination. And with many of these symptoms, you’re often afraid that your best efforts, even if they’re done on time, are never going to be good enough. Another symptom to think about is if you’re irritable. This is another sign of anxiety, and it can be a result from the discomfort of being antsy. While it’s often hard to tell if you are truly suffering from anxiety because of these symptoms, it’s always a good idea to check in with a mental health professional to make sure that these traits aren’t pointing to bigger mental issues. There’s nothing wrong with striving to be the best person you can be, or getting nervous because you want to do your best, but when it interferes with your life and happiness, it may be time to talk to a professional, and get help in your fight against anxiety.

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