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What the Psychologists at Forward Recovery Say About the Shootings in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles police were searching an area mall Friday morning for a reported gunman. Dr. Renee Solomon of Forward Recovery has a daughter at a school near the mall. It’s unfortunate that I have to send my 16-year-old daughter a text to see if she is OK because she is on lock down at her high school due to a shooter at Century City Mall. Her school is next to the mall. Last week in New Zealand, a mass shooter killed dozens of people at a mosque. This event is unfortunately becoming very common in our society. As a society, we have to be constantly aware of our surroundings. We have to increase our mental health awareness and increase access to these services to people who need them. To help protect our children we have to teach them to not put themselves in situations that are potentially dangerous and if they find themselves in a dangerous situation, we have to teach them how to figure out how to exit safely. We ourselves have to be aware of the location of exits in every public place. It is important not to be a society that is frightened of life and never leaving the house but we all have to be very aware and teach our children to do the same.” At Forward Recovery, staff commit to care that is individualized, compassionate and effective. A full continuum of care and experienced staff provide the support and resources clients need to rise to their potential—in the way that is best for each person. Forward Recovery has experts in developmental behavior, and work as a team to help clients repair relationships with their loved ones and build a healthy future. Decades of combined experience treating addiction, and those years have given Forward Recovery staff a grounded perspective and expert knowledge about which available treatment methods are effective.

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