Britney Spears recently checked into a psychiatric facility after suffering from emotional distress, and Dr. Renee Solomon, CEO of Los Angeles addiction and treatment center Forward Recovery, said the singer has set a positive example by seeking the help she needs.

Variety confirmed Wednesday what TMZ had reported earlier, that the 37-year-old Spears, who had a five-year performance residency at Las Vegas’ Planet Hollywood Resort and whose hits include “… Baby One More Time,” “Oops, I Did It Again” and “Toxic,” was admitted to the care center, location undisclosed, more than a week ago.

She’s expected to remain in “all-encompassing wellness care” for a month, several outlets have reported.

Since January, Spears has stepped away from performing, taking an “indefinite hiatus,” to care for her father, 66-year-old Jamie Spears, who was suffering from ill health. She’d written on Instagram in November that her father’s colon had “spontaneously ruptured” and he’d nearly died.

Spears had been scheduled to start a new Las Vegas residency, “Domination,” in February, CNN reported.

Spears this week used Instagram, which she returned to after a three-month absence, to say she will focus on getting better, CNN noted.

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself, mind, body, spirit,” she posted. “We all need to take time for a little ‘me time.'”

Dr. Solomon said it’s unfortunate that celebrities must suffer so publicly.

“I admire her for being honest that she needs help dealing with her issues,” Dr. Solomon said of Spears. “Many people would not have been honest and pretended that they were on vacation or in seclusion to work on an album.

“We all need more self-care in our lives,” Dr. Solomon added. “It is important that we take care of ourselves so that we can be better parents, better friends, and have happier, more successful lives.”

Dr. Solomon supposed that some celebrities, instead of seeking help, have taken dark, dire steps. This probably happened, she said, with fashion designer Kate Spade and chef and writer Anthony Bourdain, both of whom died in apparent suicides.

“Their mental illness became so huge for them that they felt the only option was to end their lives,” Dr. Solomon said. “Britney Spears is setting a good example of doing something different. She is taking the harder road of facing her issues and looking at herself.”

Britney Spears’ boyfriend, personal trainer Sam Asghari, seemed to agree with Dr. Solomon. He wrote on Instagram that he admired the singer’s decision.

“It isn’t weakness, it’s a sign of absolute strength,” he wrote, “people should only be inspired by this, at least I am.”