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College scandals pose the question: Are we overparenting our kids?

When it comes to lying and cheating the college academic admissions process no one is above the law. Dozens of elite, wealthy parents have lied to have their children admitted to the best colleges. Dr. Renee Solomon, psychologist and owner of Forward Recovery, sees exactly what has happened and predicts consequential backlash that can interfere with the development of the child. Dr. Solomon, the mother of a 16-year-old, says, “When we overparent our children, we make them feel like they cannot do things on their own. We make them feel incompetent.” Children need to experience natural consequences to their behavior, she said. “If we do not allow this process, they will never learn how to be self-sufficient adults.” In this particular situation, the parents are telling their children that it is acceptable to lie and are forcing them to be something that they are not. They are pretending that they are athletes to get into good colleges. Dr. Solomon adds, “Parenting involves providing the structure for our children, but not making every decision for them when they reach adolescence. I always tell parents of teens that we are like books on the shelf. Our teens pull the book down off the shelf when they need us. Books do not jump off the shelf.” At Forward Recovery, staff commit to care that is individualized, compassionate and effective. A full continuum of care and experienced staff provide the support and resources clients need to rise to their potential—in the way that is best for each person. Forward Recovery has experts in developmental behavior, and work as a team to help clients repair relationships with their loved ones and build a healthy future. Decades of combined experience treating addiction, and those years have given Forward Recovery staff a grounded perspective and expert knowledge about which available treatment methods are effective.

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