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How Eminem He Get Rapper Royse DA 5’9” Sober

When you get sober, you are often encouraged to help others get clean. Now that Eminem has hit his ten-year sober mark, Royce da 5’9” has spoken out about how the great white hope of rap got him sober as well.     Royce da 5’9”, aka Ryan Daniel Montgomery, has a new album out, Book of Ryan, and in the song Stay Woke, he gives a shout out to Eminem, aka Marshall Mathers: “Thanks to Marshall, I’m sober doin’ what I enjoy doin’.”     As Royce told The Fix, “Before I even decided to stop drinking, he was like, ‘If you ever feel like you got a problem, you know you can call me, right?’ I was like, ‘What kind of problem?’ He was like, ‘Just with drinking.’ I was like, ‘Oh shit. Okay. Thank you, man, I appreciate that.’”    At first, Royce was bothered by Eminem’s advice, “because I didn’t know if he was saying that he felt like I had a problem. What was he saying? But I felt like that was cool of him as a friend to try to take that step with me.”    The mental seed that Eminem put in Royce’s brain finally worked when he came to his moment of clarity, telling himself, “It’s time to stop. If I don’t act on this feeling now, I don’t think I’ll survive it.” Royce got on the horn with Eminem, and as Royce recalls, “When I went home, he put me in this hospital with this doctor and I got some of the best sleep that I got in a long time.”     Royce adds that Eminem “linked me up with my therapist, who is still my therapist today, and my sponsor today. I haven’t had a drink since. That was 6 years ago.”     Eminem must be glad to help another rapper get sober, and he got help from Elton John, who is far outside the rap community, but who is currently sober and enjoying his recovery.    

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