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Generation Z Has Mental Health Struggles as They Enter the Workforce

Every generation deals with its own levels of stress and anxiety. It’s never easy being a teen going into adulthood, and every level of life comes with steeper challenges and pressures to deal with. Yet there are some reports that state that today’s generation feels more stressed out than ever, and are having trouble coping.   The Current Status of Generation Z and Mental Health Generation Z means people that were born between 1994 and 1997. This means that people from Generation Z are in their early to mid-twenties, and many are going out into the world to earn a living for the first time after graduating from college.   Now Forbes reports that as Generation Z is entering the workforce, they’re facing major levels of stress, even higher levels than their parents had to deal with when they had to out into the world and earn a living.   According to current research from the American Psychological Association, Generation Z is more likely to report they’re suffering from poor mental health, and they’re suffering from at least one symptom of stress.   In this poll, 77% of Generation Z people have cited work as the primary reason for their stress. There are of course other factors in life that are freaking Generation Z out, but work is apparently the top factor here.   Work always comes with its own set of stressors, including office politics, pressure, and hard deadlines that have to be met in the office. Another factor that’s stressing out today’s generation is having to work extra hours with “side hustles” to survive, like driving for Uber.   While many people in the younger generations hope to land their dream jobs out of college, they can often get depressed about being stuck in the job they don’t want until they can hopefully find better.   How Generation Z Can Improve Their Mental Health in the Workplace There are a lot of ways that businesses can make the workplace healthier for everyone, including Generation Z as they start their first careers. Businesses today are understanding the importance of the right environment and how good mental health can lead to business success.   One of the important steps Forbes recommends when working with people from Generation Z is “provide mindfulness tools and training.” This doesn’t just mean practicing meditation, it’s giving them training so they can deal with stress in the workplace.   Another suggestion is having creative outlets for your employees between shifts. Even doing simple little creative tasks during a break can bring their stress levels down. It’s also important to “embrace the power of positive recognition” with your employees, and a pat on the back for a job well done can go a long way.   We can never be totally without stress in the workplace or in our every day lives, but it’s no good if all we feel is stress, anxiety, and fear. If the right steps are taken now to help Generation Z deal with stress in the workplace, it will help build a healthier workforce for the future.

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