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There have been many ways that people can deliver drugs, and some have been fairly ridiculous, whether it’s blasting drugs over the border with a rocket launcher, or delivering them with drones. In fact, a couple in California just got busted for allegedly delivering drugs via drones.

As Fox News reports, the couple, Benjamin Paul Baldassarre, and Ashley Lauren Carroll, were charged with possession of controlled substances for sale, possession of drug paraphernalia, and child endangerment because they have a nine-year-old child at home. 

The couple lived in Riverside California, and the police began looking around the neighborhood when they got reports of a drone delivering drugs. When the police entered their house with a search warrant, they found uncapped hypodermic needles, and powder they believed to be fentanyl. The police also found meth, candy allegedly laced with LSD, as well as the drone that allegedly made their deliveries. 

As NBC reports, there was also a drug delivery service, which operated much like pizza delivery service, that got nailed in Van Nuys. The business was called Manny’s Delivery Service, and they sold heroin and cocaine all over Southern California. Much like a restaurant, they took orders, mapped out deliveries, and dispatched drivers all over Southern California.


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