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Everybody has been depressed in their lives, but if you’ve never experienced along term bout with depression, it can be hard to understand from the outside. With speculation that depression could be the world’s second most common health problem by 2020, here are some myths about depression Psychology Today have debunked.

One of the most important myths that needs to be knocked down with depression is that depression is something you can pull yourself out of, or snap out of. As Psychology Today reminds us, “Depression is a disease of the brain. It is not a choice.” And it is a complicated brain disease that also has other outside factors that make it hard to combat. 

You also can’t think your way out of depression or outsmart it. Another myth is you need a reason to be depressed. As Psychology Today reminds us, ”being clinically depressed requires no justification.” Much like addiction, it doesn’t have to do with intelligence, strength, moral failing or willpower. You’re born with something in your brain that makes you unhealthy, and it can be bad luck of the draw.

Depression can be deceptive because when people can function with it, no one can see or feel what’s going on on the inside. One source says it’s an “invisible illness,” and as another source puts it, “We need the conversation to be out in the open, like so many other issues. It’s time for it to come into the light. When it’s in the shadow it can’t heal.”


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