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Could Tech Companies Take The Heat For Tech Addiction?

While there’s still debate as to whether tech addiction is a real thing or not, but a report in Variety states that tech companies could end up taking the heat for manufacturing addictive technology. *This report was called Hooked on Hardware and it claims that tech companies could be facing “tough questions over device addiction.” The story also mentions that at one high-end rehab in Malibu, some kids are terrified about leaving their parent’s cars without leaving their technology behind. In fact, another high-end rehab center has “started out catering to clientele and alcohol addictions and now it has developed a program specifically for adolescents with device-use disorders. It’s not alone: Several rehabs have sprouted up across the U.S. to treat those whose lives have become unmanageable because of technology.” Again, while we’re still not sure if tech addiction is a real thing, this report states that smartphone addiction could it 5 -8 % of teens in the United States. One doctor even said, “If you look at the role that screen media is playing in our society – contributing perhaps to fearfulness and isolation – there are ways to say perhaps it’s a bigger crisis than opioids.” Tech companies do want to fix the problem and be more aware of the potential risks of technology addiction. As one source told Variety, “There’s a growing movement to be mindful about technology. The message is, you can love your technology – just not unconditionally.”

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