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Bringing Holistic Services into Medical Detox for Drug Addiction


Utilizing the many holistic and nutritional services available in Los Angeles, California while in the medical detox process for drug & alcohol addictions

With the epidemic of drug addiction, particularly opiates like Vicodin, Percocet and heroin, rehab centers in Los Angeles, California are flourishing, but are they effective? There are just too many stories of people who have been in and out of drug or alcohol rehabs only to lose their battle.

A key reason behind this has to do with using ineffective approaches to both the treatment as well as the medical detoxification process. However, it’s also important to understand that entering a medical detox center is merely the first step in the journey to successful recovery. It is also important to understand that integrating holistic services within the detox and treatment processes can absolutely improve one’s hopes at attaining long-term success!

There are plenty of choices for medical detoxification in Los Angeles and like any other industry, the leaders set themselves apart by offering the most comprehensive, quality services that cater to their customer’s needs. Therefore, a medical detox center that just rids your body of opiates, Benzodiazepines, heroin, alcohol, etc. and that’s all, is not addressing drug addiction and alcoholism. Those treatment facilities that offer a holistic treatment approach to drug and alcohol addiction are helping to provide their patients with a better chance for lasting recovery.

Why choose a holistic drug and alcohol addiction rehab?

Drug addiction and alcoholism are complex diseases that make it difficult to decipher the root cause. Some addicts are trying to numb their physical pain. Others may be suffering from mental anguish or a spiritual void. Since our mind, body and spirit are interrelated and when one is out of balance it affects the other, taking a holistic approach, beginning with medical detox, allows treatment professionals to implement a full scope of modalities to facilitate and expedite effective healing. The focus is on a patient’s overall health and well- being, thus, they have an opportunity to creating a better quality of life while at a holistic rehab and to experience long lasting recovery.

What services are available at a holistic rehab?

In addition to traditional treatment options such as medical detox, individual/group therapy and support groups, holistic rehabs typically offer the following holistic services:

  • Physical fitness: hiking, biking, mountain climbing, etc.
  • Spiritual sessions: meditation, yoga, etc.
  • Alternative Psychotherapy: art therapy, equine therapy, horticulture, music therapy, etc.
  • Nutrition: health, organic meals, etc.

Who can benefit from a holistic rehab?

Although anyone can benefit from a holistic detox and rehab, those that have tried traditional treatment environments and are still struggling with sobriety may find greater success within a well-structured holistic program. Remember this, no two addictions are ultimately alike, and it is therefore extremely important to be in a program that recognizes this reality. Holistic detox and treatment programs often times are better equipped to address these individual needs.

To learn more about medical detox, holistic rehab and which is the best treatment option for your drug addiction or alcoholism, please contact Valley Detox Center at (888) 544-6049.


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