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Emotions Surrounding COVID-19 Could Be Triggering to Recovering Addicts Article by Bethonie Butler, featuring Dr. Renee Solomon Forward Recovery doctor says staying connected critical during this time. The unfolding situation around the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is stressful for everyone but can be especially problematic for recovering addicts, according to Dr. Renee Solomon, co-owner Forward Recovery. “This is a time when people in recovery may want to use because things feel so hopeless, and they are dealing with fear around the unknown,” Solomon said. “This is a time when connection is needed, so it’s important that people in recovery stay connected.” Solomon recommends online meetings, increasing the frequency of calls to sponsors, and contacting friends and family for support. Skype is also a good way to stay connected. “If you can’t be in the same place with someone, you can watch a TV show at the same time and text during it or Skype and let it be a way of communicating,” she said. Now is the time to get creative about staying connected while self-isolating. “I know people doing book clubs on Zoom as a way to stay connected,” Solomon said. “We have to change how we think about socializing at the moment.” Other ways addicts can stay vigilant about recovery during this time is to focus on self-care by exercising, eating well and being mindful of others. “Distraction is also important,” Solomon said. “There are several mindless TV shows that help take our minds off COVID-19. I strongly discourage people from staring at the news for hours and hours and reading online stories about the virus because it just creates more panic.” ABOUT FORWARD RECOVERY Forward Recovery offers all levels of care for addiction treatment, including Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP, OP and Aftercare, specializing in rehabilitation services for adults of all ages. Along with co-ed residential facilities, there is also group therapy and gender-specific group therapy programs available. For more information, visit or call (833) 508-2382